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Play to Help: A Fund Raising Event Organized in Minneapolis,MN

Sailen Bhattarai, MN 12/5/2011, As young working professionals living in Minneapolis, we often get together with friends and family on weekends to play and socialize. But this time around there was a great sense of satisfaction that none of us had ever felt before. How often can we do something that is fun for the participants as well as help the unprivileged? How often does one get the opportunity to PlayToHelp? I was one of the first few ones to get there - our site for the PlayToHelp event on Saturday Dec 03, 2011. The weather forecast said it was going to snow that afternoon, so we were nervous. What if no one showed up? All of the preparations were done, and we had a steep goal to accomplish – raise $1000. The theme of the event was PlayToHelp. The plan was to play a few games: Video game played on playstation called FIFA 2012, Just dance 2 on Xbox Kinect, No Limit Texas Holdem Poker, and 5-for-50 all with one common goal - to raise funds to send 25 kids in Nepal to schoo