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Education System in Nepal !

Namaste! I have been here in Minnesota for almost 3 months. A lot of new experiences have laid me sad but sometime get excited too. This makes me remember about my home country and my friends there in Nepal. A lot of things to miss and on the other hand a lot of things to gain but the bottom line is that I am missing my home country then enjoying with the new environment here in US. Almost all people coming overseas have set up their own destination and everyone just tries to catch it with their enormous effort. Some time I feel like if the same effort done over here is done in the home country, our progress would be far better than we could catch here in USA or other abroad countries. Here in the university, although all professors are the PHD holder, the way they teach is same as that of those qualified (not-only PHD/MS holder) professors/Lecturers there in Nepal except the way that they make the student work by themselves, not like the spoon feeding education as in Nepal. In Nepal

Indian Night Celebrated Today

One of the prestigious event of the Indian Students of St. Cloud state university was organized today. Around 200 attendees were present on the party. I also went there to join with them. It was really exciting experience to be the part of the Indian night. We were served with Indian Food with a lot of spices. Really the taste was different from the American food. That reminds me the food of my home country. Some of the dances were performed by Nepalese student. Nepalese student perform perform on such event so that they can earn the volunteer hours for their international cultural share scholarship. Center for international studies require a 30 hrs of volunteer service from the international student. I must thank my Department for offering me an Assistance ship otherwise I also have to run after the volunteer hours to get the cultural scholarship. A small solo act was performed by an Indian student was praiseworthy and of course admirable. His comment on the Indian adaptation in Amer