Nov 9, 2006

Education System in Nepal !


I have been here in Minnesota for almost 3 months. A lot of new experiences have laid me sad but sometime get excited too. This makes me remember about my home country and my friends there in Nepal. A lot of things to miss and on the other hand a lot of things to gain but the bottom line is that I am missing my home country then enjoying with the new environment here in US. Almost all people coming overseas have set up their own destination and everyone just tries to catch it with their enormous effort. Some time I feel like if the same effort done over here is done in the home country, our progress would be far better than we could catch here in USA or other abroad countries. Here in the university, although all professors are the PHD holder, the way they teach is same as that of those qualified (not-only PHD/MS holder) professors/Lecturers there in Nepal except the way that they make the student work by themselves, not like the spoon feeding education as in Nepal.

In Nepal ,if there is a question in an exam that is not covered in the class, students just blame the teacher and feel proud on themselves that the particular content was not taught in class and they are bearable for the full marks for that question. Opposite to the education system as that of Nepal, here in US, some professor offers open book exam and the question they ask is totally different than what they taught in the class. In Nepal we have a system based learning mechanism, but here is US, I found the Tutor Based learning system. Here the whole credit is taken by the professor to grade a student’s performance. If you go out of the track from the professor’s track you are simply gone. A lot of assignment and project works are another reason that degrees abroad are far better than that of our country. Here a deadline is given to submit an assignment. And after that deadline, the professor simply refuses to accept your tutorial or assignment and student must stick with the rule. Another fact is the curriculum: in Nepal , Simply to change a curriculum, 5 to 10 meeting are held with those people who don’t have the basic understating of the curriculum and minute is created about the present member and the spend, they made for the meeting and finally we are studying the same 90s course’s. But in Developed countries, tutor simply can modify the syllabus. Another reason that the education here in USA is better than that of Nepal is that a lot of resources are available for 24 hours. I still remember my college days where the college had few millimeters that were to be shared by a lot of students. Yes now the days are approaching for the prosperous development of our education system there in Nepal .The historic agreement between the Maiost and Seven party alliance will definitely find the track. Its now the time to think by those personalities who are in planning level of university activity and curriculum. The next thing that the government should do is to make a strict act and make the colleges and universities to follow the act strictly instead of just keeping as a record in some record books. I still remember one of the reputed( as claim by the same college) engineering college has only few full time fresh graduate(3 or 4) to run all of the engineering programs
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Anonymous said...

Thanks much for you comment !
I totally agree with your points.

damion said...

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