Mar 17, 2009

Missing somebody


Kanchan Pandey,

I still remember the day, when you waved me good bye.
you went far from me to begin your new life.

Now i am scared, don't have anything to do
but i am still alive without you
i have learned how to live life
without you and missing you, whatever i do.

I know you are thousands million away from me
I think you also have forgotten me
you're above in heaven, there with all the love
we shared and memories treasured here.

I know that you are watching me and blessing me on whatever i do
i m missing you in each and every step of my life.

Here no one is to hold my hand in need
i know that one day that man will come back to meet me .

यो प्रस्तुती को मु्ल्यांङ्कन गर्नुहोस!:


Anonymous said...

Whom are you missing so much. Hope he comes back to meet you.

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