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I apologize !

~ Samana

Words here are directly poured from my heart expressing my feelings and begging forgiveness from my friend. Friendship, exactly I don’t know the definition of it in literally words. In my simple understanding it means powerful bonding which do not smash by small reasons and even misunderstandings too. Friends are those who understand the way you are; be happy when their friends are happy and stands always holding your hands in both situation to share happiness and sadness. In our life we have to face different situation. Nobody wants to hurt their friends but sometime it happens unknowingly and unintentionally so if it happens this way, Can we get forgiveness from our friends?

One of my best and beautiful moments of life had just finished, unknowingly I did a silly mistake for which I apologize from my heart. We were planning to go our home we met our friend. He tried to call someone to drop us our home. He was hanging in the phone; my one friend got a ride from her brother so she called us to go. It was late so we rushed out from there by saying bye to that friend. Next day early morning I was shocked talking him in phone, my mind started to twinkle means try to relate whether he is right in his place or not. He articulates that he was hurted by our behavior. He had never thought that we are goanna do like this with him. His judgment arbitrate that we are selfish and we do not understand the meaning of friendship. He was trying to find someone to drop us but when we found someone we did not asked him once to go together. We went saying we are going we got a ride. He was hurted because we left him alone in the circumstances where he was planning to help us and wanna go together so that we may have talk and fun. That’s unfair and also illustrates our selfishness.

I started thinking about yesterday why I did not ask him to go with us. Though I got the reasons it seems a clever reason to hide my selfishness and to show him that I am not selfish. He was helping in that program so I did not felt that he was planning to return home with us so I may not ask him. Another reason was I was going by other persons help. He asked how I feel if he had done that mistake.
It has been very mean on my part for what I did. I may not able to undo your heart. At that time I did not realized to ask you to come with us. Why these things did not come in my mind I don’t know but I accept it as a mistake done by me. Though I am ashamed for my behavior I learned a good lesson from this. I will never do such type of stupid fault in my life. So I request you to evaluate the situation and judge it again. As you are my good friend hope you can pardon me. And want to ask you, Is that my selfishness not asking you to go together???

यो प्रस्तुती को मु्ल्यांङ्कन गर्नुहोस!:


  1. From this writing I can see that you really care for your friend. As far as the situation goes, I do not really think it was a big mistake that you did. Look everyone of us think in a different way, the way you think might not go hand in hand with the way I think.
    It is a good thing to ask for forgiveness, by saying sorry you do not become small or short.
    The best thing to do is talk to him, make things clear, let him know that you care and that you are sorry and tell your part of the story and be willing to listen to his part. That should help to clear things out between you two.
    I wish you luck and yes remember one thing, something that I learned "It isn't enough to be forgiven by others. You also have to forgive yourself"

  2. I already talked with him but he wants to make me realize my mistake so far I said sorry to him also. Thanks for your comment.

  3. sapanasansar4/8/09, 7:50 PM

    Best and beautiful moments of life never die, is what I believe. Yes, I understand, you may not be as happy as you were once but you should know that "you" and "only you" are the one to make yourself happy, others are just the companion of your happiness or sadness, they can't change you, its only you who can change yourself.
    Yes i can feel, what happened to him. He was searching a ride for you because he loves you and cares for you, but when he was back with the ride you were able to get your own ride and got home with your own friends, leaving him there. Yes i agree, you should had at least notified him before leaving the scene. But you didn't , because you were with other friend. And forgetting one when you are with other is also not a good things to do. And the most important thing is that you made an apology from your core heart to him about the event that happened the day before, which i believe subside your previous mistakes. And he should be okay with that. If he doesn't behave the same as he was the day before, than its his problem, not yours !
    Let me turn the coin to the other side. if you want to start a friendship relationship with someone, you should be always ready to get love or hate or hurt from him/her. If he hates you or hurt you and if you believe he was a true friend of yours and than you should be able to track down a piece of love within that hate or hurt. A true friend never wants to break up the relationship . If he/she tries to break up the relationship with your mistakes( how big that might be) than you should know that he/she is not a true friend and you are in luck that you escaped from a guy/gal who used to fake you as a true friend.

  4. oh god yo ta mero lekh bhanda pani dammi cha. comments lekhna ta yeti aaucha lekh lekhyo bhane kasto hune ho....

  5. Good point "track down a piece of love within that hate or hurt".
    I believe you grow with time. Most of the time it is not possible to know a person over night but sometimes even that might be possible. Look inside yourself, ask yourself if you want this to work, give your best leave the rest.
    Sapanasansar was rigth in saying, you are the one who create your happiness others are there just as a companion.
    But yes, thank you for the comment, it helped a lot too at the same time.
    I guess over here, we are learning from eachother.


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