Apr 11, 2009

Misunderstanding and My dedication



Friends are those whom we can trust
Friends are those whom we can share
Friends are those who understand you
Even at the time you misunderstood
Friends are our shoulders at the time of rest

Their support, love and care are the best
Thanks my all friends for the encouragement
For the Courage, power and strength
So sweet of them help to relieve my pain
As they became an umbrella in the rain

Thanks for clearing the misunderstanding
Making my heart like a kite flying in the sky
Without you I can’t get guidance
Without you I don’t learn a lesson

So tipping words of thanks for cooperation
Requesting my friends to accept this as my dedication.
As my dedication…………………………………………………

Let’s have a look on the formation of this word misunderstanding. Mis + Understanding. Missing of understandings. This occurs in everyone life. I think we all have faces the condition arises from misunderstandings between friends, with parents etc. Due to which some may lose friends, may have conflict and may develop strong bond than before if we clear our misunderstandings in time. It is so essential to clear our misunderstanding soon. People usually think what I am thinking is right. May be we are right in our own way and others in their own way. As people have habit of blaming others, this is the main predisposing factors of misunderstanding. Try to understand the person not the words spoken by him/her. May he/she don’t know the way of expressing the feelings in good effective manner or may interpret the things in different way. The main problems of misunderstanding start from the perception of that person, how he/she interprets its meaning. For e.g. we all read same words, sentence but we interpret it differently. If it develops then the easiest way is to talk with that person; share your feelings; also try to listen him/her; make a effort to resolve it and learn a lesson from that so that same problem will never arise in future. This is what I become skilled from my experiences.

How do you get others to respect your belief? It’s so effortless. By respecting others and have faith on ourselves. In my personal life I had many times misunderstood my friends and while clearing it I show my angriness, talk rudely but at the same time I use to share for which thing I misunderstood them and also pay attention to them. If I was wrong I accept my mistake and I became so happy for clearing it in time and felt like I am flying freely like a bird. I am so lucky that I have such good friends in my life who understand me and always support me to clear my misunderstanding. I would like to thanks all my friends for understanding me what I am and also say sorry from my heart for showing my angriness and for my rude talk.

यो प्रस्तुती को मु्ल्यांङ्कन गर्नुहोस!:


Guest said...

Nice and simple writing.

sapanasansar said...

I totally agree with you ! Thanks for your wonderful thoughts about friends and friendship.

Guest said...

So Sweet !

Guest said...

I like !

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