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Unemployment will be record high till 2011 in USA !

It was estimated in 2007 that the unemployment rate of US would be 4.6% by the end of 2008 [1]. But the un-employment rate increased to 7.2% by the end of the year, 2008 [2].
According to US government figures, US Job market lost nearly 2.6 million jobs in 2008 i.e. the most since 1945 [2]. On April 3, 2009 the unemployment rate in US reached 8.5%, the highest since 1983 [3]. Highest period of unemployment since 1948 was 9.7% in 1982 [4]. 2 millions jobs have been lost in US since the start of 2009. 5.1 million Jobs have now been lost since the beginning of 2008. [3]. Most of the job losses are seen on manufacturing and construction areas.

This is just the beginning, there are more laid offs to come in the US Job market. There are many layoffs announced to be implemented. Based on a prediction made by a job firm, Adecco Group North America, there are about 600,000 to 700,000 more jobs to be lost in April only. Many of the Americans have hoped that Obama’s Stimulus plan and the credit back to the small business helps improving the economic growth and the job market in US, but the morning still lies dark. Even the government itself cut about 5000 jobs last month.

The Central Bank of US, Federal Bank predicted that the nation’s unemployment rate will remain eminent till the end of 2011. Economists have calculated that it at least takes 5 more years to bring back the market into 2007. Obama has already warned while promoting his economic stimulus plan that the unemployment rate can reach up to a double digit value.

Foreign worker who are working under the working visa (H1B, L2) are suffering more. If a foreign worker under the working visa is laid off, he can legally stay for 60 more days after the day of his layoff. In such case either he has to find another job and transfer his working visa or change his visa status from working to non- working visa like student visa (F1) . Statistics show that more than half millions foreign worker are working under H1B or green card with support from their employer.

US Senate has asked to the institutions that were bailed out to avoid the foreign worker while hiring a new professional. Wells Fargo has already started cutting foreign workers and most of the institution that were bailed out, have already started freezing on hiring of foreign workers. There are society and different organization that are against the hiring of foreign workers. They claim that foreign workers took their jobs away. Every year 85,000 work visa are awarded to foreign workers. The USCIS accepts application for H1B visa on the first week of April and the selection is notified by the mid of June. Workers can start their H1B visa from October.

With the growing number of unemployment rate here in US, I believe that we must do a depth research if its a safe place for you to come here for your higher degree and spend your money for your tuition fee and get back to your home country empty handed with some cracked pieces of your mind.

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यो प्रस्तुती को मु्ल्यांङ्कन गर्नुहोस!:


  1. The question is not just the fact that we have to go empty handed to Nepal but also the fact that “is anyone actually GOING BACK with their PCKET FULL?”
    According to the education ministry report of 2007 almost 7000 students made it to the American soil that year alone. I wonder at times, how many people are actually going back. Yes I do get the notion that everyone wants their BRIGHT future, they want to make a better living, they want to have a better life style but to what extend? When is it enough? According to human nature and as our famous economist Adam Smith has put it “Human wants are never limited, but resources are!” Meaning, it is never enough!
    Maybe it is a sign for all of us out here, who have been struggling to make ends meet. A sign that tells us to go back, maybe if quite a number of us are back home we can make a significant change. Just maybe, it is just a thought, that I would love to see formulate.

  2. Then what about you,

  3. What do you think? As I came up with the idea, don't you think if I stayed here, it would be unfair? I am heading back soon, mark my words on that! Let me first end my education, that was the major reason to be here.
    Thank you for asking though!

  4. Oh I will see you whether you will go or not. Can you tell me what are studying now and where ?? Aba kati padhna baki cha????

  5. Ya, it is tough to believe, that is the change that I was hoping to create. Anyways how about I let you know when I am there in Nepal itself?
    Give me a time period of half a year.
    Untill then see you around in ;)(Nepal gayepachi pheri batti hudaina so I will not be that up to date with the website! )

  6. पोस्तक श्रेष्ठ4/7/09, 7:38 PM

    Looks like capitalism was at its peak and there was is no further way up but down. A friend of mine in Belgium mentioned that the bigheads of GM, Chrystler and Ford went to Europe seeking help but again on private chartered jets!!!!

  7. sapanasansar4/7/09, 7:48 PM

    People like them are the cause of the current economic crisis ! Similarly, Bonus by the big heads of walstreet is another source of this killing economy !
    Thanks for you comment!


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