Jul 10, 2009

A must watch documentary Film "In search of education"


In Search of Education is a must watch movie, centered on the current education system of a remote village in Karnali region, the remote far western part of Nepal.

The present situation of Nepalese education has been introduced with a little background of different historical phase of education. The First generation of education that started in Nepal was in Bed Kaal, which is also termed as the beginning of human civilization and education. Lichhivi kaal has been termed as the golden age of education and religion. Malla kaal portrayed the education into arts. Shah Kal came up with a new national language “Khas” during that period.

Similarly Sanskrit Education, English Education system during Rana Kaal with the establishment of Durbar High School has been presented very nicely on the film.

And finally, it portrays the Aadhunik kaal(current) education system in Nepal, where students of remote area are dying in search of education. A very very heart touching story based on a true story of the Karnali region. A must watch film ...."In search of education" directed by Jiban Bhattarai.

[यो प्रस्तुती कतै पुन प्रकासित गर्नु परेमा स्रोत खुलाएर वा लेखकको पुर्ण सहमतिमा मात्र प्रकासित गर्नुहुन अनुरोध छ । -सपनासंसार ]


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