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Dikshya Dhital
(Universal Initation)
Kathmandu, Nepal

From the day that I have been back, people have been asking me the same question; “How long are you here for, or when are you going back?”! No one seems to understand the fact that I am here for good; that I have left US for a good reason and I am seriously trying to build a career in my own country! At the same time I don’t even want to blame them, after all how many people have returned home after their education abroad to work here? Even if there are some, they might be in such small numbers that you can count them within your fingers!

Yes, I am back home and I am proud for the fact that I am here. I am having the time of my life in doing all those things that I had been putting off from the past few years. I am exploring my country and realizing how beautiful it is. I have finally seen Everest, drank through streaming rivers and walked along wild lives. I even had time to take that dance and language class that I always thought that I would.
We have heard people complaining about the fact that there is no opportunity here. What they don’t understand is that there are plenty of opportunities for those who are willing to put that extra effort. In fact there are more jobs than capable people to fill them. I am not stating that just by the fact that someone comes from a foreign country he would have a better chance to get a job here but he might have that extra edge to succeed for sure.

In the US I had to compete fiercely to get an unpaid internship at a well known company. Here I am getting a chance to choose a job that I want to do and enjoy it at the same time! In the beginning I was sad thinking in Nepal you don’t get a job unless you are recommended by someone, but it is not always so. You are respected for your achievement. The last two job offers that I got were entirely based on me and my own work rather than recommendation.
There is obviously room for a lot of work. Most important thing is you get to do something that you believe in! If you are in such a job, everyday is a blessing and a joy in itself. The only downside is you will obviously be not paid as much, but that is something that you should be prepared for. If you are coming back to Nepal, you are not coming here for the money. But that doesn’t mean you will not have enough for you living here; you will be pretty well off.
It is not just the job and career aspect that you get here, but the whole family experience. The simple joy that comes from being with your family or by being able to celebrate the festivals with them. By wearing new cloth and visiting relatives to get their blessing during Dashain. Just simply enjoying Tihar by lighting the candles all around your house and listening to small children coming to your door steps to sing their “Bhaileo”.
I am not saying this is for everyone. I am not saying you should catch the next plane tomorrow and be here the day after. I understand that all of us have our responsibilities and that we have our families. But it is sad that we forget at times that we have a responsibility towards our country as well. We forget our roots and tend to live for instant gratification in exchange for long term happiness. There are some people who can afford to give up their life in a foreign country and be back home. But it is sad to know that only a handful of them actually do it.
I have realized that you need a lot of courage and support to take that important step towards home. I have realized that it is ok to worry and be anxious. It is ok to think and rethink, to decide and to be undecided. But in the end whatever you choose it will take you to the right direction.
For me the direction was back to my country. Give yourself some time and think about it once again, which way does your direction show?

[Note: All the pictures posted above were taken by the Author herself]
[यो प्रस्तुति कतै पुन प्रकाशित गर्नु परेमा स्रोत खुलाएर वा लेखकको पूर्ण सहमतिमा मात्र प्रकाशित गर्नुहुन अनुरोध छ । -सपनासंसार ]


  1. Great thought and Respected job!!! Good Luck!

  2. Salute to you for your decision to go back to the country! Every youth should think in this direction. If we can not go back, at least we can think of giving something back.

  3. Sachin Parajuli10/25/09, 8:43 PM

    Truely, an honest thought. I believe we all youths only can change our country if we all can believe and follow your thoughts and intentiions. I hope this article reaches to most of the nepalese abroad to understand and feel like you and do something for our country.

    Sachin Parajuli

  4. Dikshya,
    I really appreciate your choice of going back to Nepal. Staying abroad, I am feeling like i am a loser now. I never got a chance to see Everest, I never got a chance to see places in Nepal I desired, I never got a chance to stay with my parents and relatives at the time i need them.

    My pray to the god, help us to walk through the Dikshya's line of walk and thoughts.
    Good luck !

  5. I thank you all for your wonderful comments. There are certain things I like to mention:
    First: No one becomes great by going back to their home country. I truly believe one becomes only great by being able to give something back to their soil by being selfless.
    Second: I do not think I deserve all the praise given here, maybe someday, sometime in future when I am able to do just more than just write about my experience.
    Third: Just remember we don't need to be in the country's soil to do something for the country, there are thousands of ways to do good. Find what it is that you want to do and just do it!

  6. Well thoughts....Appreciate it....

  7. I think you are true on this one. I am here but still I am helping street children in nepal. If all of us living abroad can support in this way by contributing to nepal and nepalese there, we can make a difference specially in education center by creating scholarship funds and other incentives. It is harder when our fund does not go directly to the needed people and gets filtered. Someone like you can help people from abroad country to fund directly to those needed people and area.

  8. Sachin Ji,
    Now that you have mentioned it, I am working with an organization that helps at risk children. It is a small organization and does quite an impressive work.
    At the same time, with a help of a friend of mine(who is in New York), we are making plans about helping children here without having to go through the filtering of the money stage. When the project finally takes shape, I will let you know.
    Keep doing the good work, and believe we can become the change that is needed!

  9. Dikhya,
    Good to know about it. I have been approached by one Non profit organization in Kathmandu and they take care of street children but their organization is too big that the most of the fund goes into their administrative expenses for salaries and consulting that to the children. I am looking for those organizations that have fewer administration expensesa and higher program expenses designed for the mission.

  10. Nicely Done Dikshya. It is indeed a very true and honest thought for showing the positive side in Nepal. I wish you all the best in Mepal.

  11. south pole ,
    I am so much impressed to read your experience in back home.In my view you did great job.Dear all friends plz think and re think if you think positive have sprite and wants to live in happy life plz find your destination to your own home not in USA, UK what eals.. fellow the Dikshay line.Now im in the line of Dikshay's and waiting to right my date of departure which will be soon.Do not west your time it is the right time to start your carrier and your path and help the nation.Please do not do late if you late you gonna be spoil your life here just doing nothing .Please keep on reading dikshay new experience and i let you know all of you my date of departure to go my home soon.
    Mission Nepal!!!

  12. Dikshya Dhital12/27/09, 5:32 AM

    Thank you. But I really think, you shouldn't think so high of me :)
    I am glad you are coming back home. But do make sure something positive comes out of it, be useful here. I am sure it will be a great experience!
    Good Luck :)

  13. Sachin Ji,
    Now that you have mentioned it, I am working with an organization that helps at risk children. It is a small organization and does quite an impressive work.
    At the same time, with a help of a friend of mine(who is in New York), we are making plans about helping children here without having to go through the filtering of the money stage. When the project finally takes shape, I will let you know.
    Keep doing the good work, and believe we can become the change that is needed!

  14. Great thought and Respected job!!! Good Luck!


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