Mar 6, 2010

Award Winning Documentary Movie on an American Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal , JimiSir !


This movie is about a volunteer, James Parks, the “Jimi Sir”,An engineering student who graduated from MIT and join the Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal. The movie was made during the mid 80's and was released only on 2004. An Award winning must watch documentary that portrays Nepal and the Nepalse people and the educational system of Nepal in remote villege.

Thank you for watching !


Raju Lamichhane said...

Thank you, for posting such a GREAT documentary in Sapanasansar. My kids are also impressed by JimiSir and his job. Hope it will open our eyes to serve our knowledge to our country where it is really needed.

Anonymous said...

such a nice documentary,showed the real nepal. Hope our country was as nice as it was before. this doucumentary should be viewed by all and we should get some inspiration from people like jimmy. also check out the site of maggie doyne who is currently doing a lot of things for orphan nepali childrens. said...

Dear Anonymous ( I wish i could know your Name),
Thank you so much for letting me know about Maggie Doyne. So glag to know about her work in Nepal. I will post about her work on soon.
Take care,

Yubaraj said...

Its really nice documentary. Thanks jimi for such great work in Nepal. I really impressed by your work in such a remote place of Nepal. Jimi you are really great. Thanks

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