Apr 22, 2010

ANMN Nepalese New Year Program 2067 Celebrated : Part 2


Clik here for Part 1
In this post, i am posting some of the clips from the ANMN New Year Program 2057.
1. Dance Kalilo tamalai and Machhi maran ho dai was able to drag the 1st Prize on the dance competetion from adult category

2. Two little kids Shikhu and Khusi dancing on the evergreen songs Maitighar Maitiaghar. This dance was able to drag the first prize on the dance competetion from the kids category !

3. Dance on ukali ma pani hazzur moto jado rayachha

4. Dance on Udi Udi chuncha maan chiya bari ma

5. Dance on Mero Geet Mero Geet Dada Kada Deurali ma

6. Dance on Kina man huncha chanchal

7. Nepali and Foreign kids dansing on Fan ma Fulyo ful

8. Dance on Yani Maya

10. A wonderful play from Bhutanese Kids who were recently resettled to US from the refuse camp in Nepal

9. Mayalo chahanchu timi lai derai by Sanjeev Rai

10. Ma timro nazzar ma by Dadin Pandey

Thank you for watching !
Enjoy !!
[यो प्रस्तुति कतै पुन प्रकाशित गर्नु परेमा स्रोत खुलाएर वा लेखकको पूर्ण सहमतिमा मात्र प्रकाशित गर्नुहुन अनुरोध छ । -सपनासंसार ]


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