Jan 19, 2011

Love Canal


By:Hienndra Raj Joshi

Once upon a time in good old days there lived a young Jyapuni named Bal Kumari, daughter of a farmer, Bala Deshar in Chhampi near Chapagaun village. She was well known for her beauty all around the villages. Not only human even god used to get lured by her beauty. Long black hairs, almond shaped sharp eyes, wide forehead and maroon black skin; she was the synonym of beauty.

Bal Kumari used to help her father in his field. She used to guard the land in absence of her father. One day god Tika Bhairav disguised himself as a man. He was roaming around Chhapagaun. Same day in absence of her father Bal Kumari was guarding her father’s field at Pyanga near Chhampi village.

Wandering around the villages Tika Bhairav reached on the field which was being guarded by Bal Kumari. When Tika Bhairav saw Bal Kumari he was magnetized by her beauty and could not help himself. Instantly he went in front of Bal Kumari and proposed Bal Kumari to marry him. But Bal kumari refused his proposal. Tika Bhairav went back to his place but he could not sleep well. Whole night he thought about Bal Kumari. He decided to kidnap Bal Kumari. But how! So he began to visit the field every day and waited for the chance.

One day in absence of her father again Bal Kumari was guarding the field. Tika Bhairav waited till the evening. One way he thought kidnapping is not a good deed, another way he thought he did not have any other option. He was madly in love with Bal Kumari, a kind of one sided love. Tika Bhairav was in doubt. At last he decided to kidnap Bal Kumari at any cost.

Sun had already set in the west. In twilight it was hard to recognize person or a thing at distance. Streets were empty and birds were returning to their nest making churning sound. Churning sound of birds, dim light of the evening and blowing soft wind was making the scene more romantic. At that time Bal Kumari was packing her goods and was preparing to return home. Tika Bhairav disguised himself as a man and appeared before Bal Kumari in a sudden. Unexpected sudden appearance of Tika Bhairav frightened Bal Kumari and she got faint in instant. Tika Bhairav carried her in his shoulder and was returning to his place in hurry. Suddenly Tika Bhairav noticed that somebody was following him. He was a Nagarkoti farmer of the near village. He was returning back to his home after finishing his work in field. He saw Tika Bhairav disguised himself as a man walking in a hurry with a faint girl on his shoulder.

Tika Bhairav then appeared in his original look. By sudden appearance of god himself before Nagarkoti he worshipped him and Tika Bhairav requested Nagakoti to convey the message about Kidnapping of Bal Kumari to his father.

Nagarkoti reached Bala Desar Bal Kumari’s father home in no time. Nagarkoti then; explained about kidnapping of his daughter by god Tika Bhairav. Bala Desar was not happy with Tika Bhairav and wished to meet him instantly. So he requested to take him where Tika Bhairav was living. Due to Bala Desar’s poor health he could not walk, so Nagarkoti had to carry him on his back.

At Tika Bhairav’s place he explained to Bal kumari reason behind kidnapping her in detail. Bal Kumari also explained that she could not recognize him when he proposed her in her father’s field. Tika Bhairav begged pardon with Bal Kumari for kidnapping her. Down to earth and honest character of the god himself fascinated Bal kumari and Bal Kumari also begged pardon for refusing his frank proposal. Both of them were happy with the happening.

Midnight had already passed when Bala Desar reached at Tika Bhairav’s place. When he saw his only daughter he asked Tika Bhairav to return her. Tika Bhairav said that he had already married his daughter so he could not return her. Instead Tika Bhairav asked if Bala Desar has any wish to be fulfilled by him he would do that. Bala Desar was more than happy with the response. At that time Chapagaun and surrounding villages was having a problem due to scarcity of water. So farmers could not cultivate on time and they have to make lot of effort for water. Bal Desar decided to take an opportunity as god himself was before him. More than his personal need Bala Desar thought water is the most essential thing for his village. He decided to utilize the opportunity in the welfare of whole village. So he asked Tika Bhairav to bring water to his village by digging a canal to Chapagaun so that the entire villager’s after then does not have to face water problem any more. Tika Bhairav was pleased to hear his father in law’s wish. He could have wished for some personnel benefit, but Bala Desar wished in welfare of whole village so Tika Bhairav agreed and said that he will dig a canal himself. Bal Kumari was also glad with her father’s wish. Tika Bhairav agreed to dig a canal in the name of her love Bal Kumari and asked his father-in-law to come to the bank of Lele Khola in the morning with plough and shovel. Bala Desar did so and Tika Bhairav dug the holy Rajkulo; the historical love canal for the welfare of the villagers. Rajkulo still do exist now at the periphery of Chhapagaun and Lele, though being encroached it is still serving locals.

Still temple of goddess Bal Kumari exist near to the temple of Tika Bhairav and goddess Jai Kumari; first wife of Tika Bhairav. The holy love canal created by the god himself still exists in the village. Still today families of Desar and Nagarkoti lives in Champi and Chapagaun and on Tika Bhairav Jatra, a member of Nagarkoti family comes to Desar’s village with offerings and carries eldest member of the community to the Temple of Tika Bhairav as Bala Desar father of Bal Kumari was carried by Ngarkoti then; and offer puja to the god Tika Bhairav for creating holy love canal contemporarily known as Rajkulo and bringing water to their village.

Hitendra Raj Joshi

[यो प्रस्तुति कतै पुन प्रकाशित गर्नु परेमा स्रोत खुलाएर वा लेखकको पूर्ण सहमतिमा मात्र प्रकाशित गर्नुहुन अनुरोध छ । -सपनासंसार ]


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